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Class 6 Systems Based Practice and Health Reform

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Objectives of this class

1. Define the major factors that constitute systems based practice.

2.Discuss the role and anticipated outcome of quality improvement in SBP.

3.Discuss the skills utilized in one aspect (you choose) of SBP

4.Design strategies for teaching and assessment of SBP in your learners.



Assignment for Class #6

Please work in your established team.

Assignment #6

Systems based practice is far reaching and diverse. As you know, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Health care reform) requests a number of assessments of community health needs, there is also the Medical home, the ACOs, ICD 10 coding, etc.

If you could pick one intiative that is key for your learners to know about and consider, what is it, and why did you choose it? How would you teach it to them and assess the outcomes?




As you can imagine, SBP is an ever-changing issue, and the systems of healthcare are confusing and unsettled. The reading by Kocher addresses ACOs, which are currently favored as a healthcare plan. However, there are both +s and -s to them for long term care and for care of those who do not have insurance. Hope your team can address them along with other issues.

Though we do not recommend or assign books, TR Reid, The Healing of America (below), on healthcare plans in other countries, and where the US is deficient is  good reading. You will find the Hawkins and Holmboe a bit out of date, but the chapter is interesting.



        Team 1: Butani, Jubran, Spangler, Wong,

        Team 2: AlAwadhi, Cerza, D'Aquila, Tanaka 

        Team 3: Anderson, Lind, Rickard, Pinnick





1Hawkins.html  Hawkins RE, Weiss KB. Building the Evidence Base in Support of the ABMS MOC Program. Acad. Med. 2011; 86:6-7

1PhysicianAutonomy.pdf  Emanuel Pearson. Physician Autonomy and Health Care Reform  JAMA Jan 25, 2012, Vol 307 Pg 367-8



Optional but useful readings:








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