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Face to Face Assignment March 9

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Assignment for Face to Face Class ACMD 512

Presentation of interactive teaching of a competency

Wed afternoon, March 9, 2011 Begins at 1 PM. Competency teaching begins at 1:20 PM.


In pairs, you are asked to produce an interactive exercise to use to teach (and measure outcomes) for one of the core competencies (not Medical Knowledge). You may choose the competency you wish to teach and plan the exercise. In class, please have the class perform the interactive activities and teach the competence. If you have a measure, you should employ that in the class.  We look forward to an exciting interactive session. This is your chance to be really creative.


Time for presentation: 15-20 minutes to teach the competency and perform an outcomes measure.


Debrief: At the completion of  all the activities



  1. Sylvia  Shaw and Stephan Bughi
  2. Kevin Arce and Nora Haghparast
  3. William Cloud and Michelle Olson
  4. David Disbrow and Simi Rahman
  5. Eddie Elango and Mojca Konia
  6. Fred Giberson and Garrett Meyers


If you wish, you may change teams, but it would be most helpful to inform all the other team members and get their agreement.

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