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Each team should choose one question to research and address. Please create and post a definition, discussion of the impact on health care, and relation of the issue to delivery of care, give an example when possible.

1. What is a patient-centered Health information system? Discuss "meaningful use" and how to effective implement HIT? How can you get in on the initiative to introduce HIT? Has it been successful? What are problems?

2. Describe the intent and role of Accountable Care Organizations in health care provision. What are ACOs and how will they function? How do ACOs fit in with Consumer Driven care---are they different? In what way?

3. What is health care disparity? How can it be addressed? Does it exist, and why? How might it be addressed?

4. What is clinical research, and/or research in office settings? How can it be effective and implemented? How would you measure it? How to recruit patients to participate in clinical studies?

5. Describe the intent of health care reform. What has been the outcome of the reform? What is the planned outcome? What barriers exist to its implementation. What are new developments related to health care reform?



1. Arce, Bughi, Cloud, Disbrow


2.  Meyers, Olson, Rahman, Shaw


3.  Edhayan, Giberson, Haghparast, Konia



After this class, please prepare in teams of two, for the face to face class. There are two assignments, which you will see in the folder labelled Face to Face class.

1.  Prepare an interactive teaching exercise to teach and measure the outcomes of a competency (except for Medical Knowledge). You will do this presentation on the first 1/2 day of class March 9.

2.  Complete the questions on the Learner in Difficulty form. I am sure you all have a learner in mind for this exercise. Bring it with you.

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