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1Assignment 1Jan _15_2013

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Teams will discuss the concept of Milestones or EPAs, implementation of the concepts, and give examples from their own practice.


This week, we will get to know each other and introduce ourselves.

We will discuss  the  "milestones" project in which learners are judged by achievement of developmental milestones, or the "entrustable professional activities" in which learners achieve competence in a specific professional activity.

Please  read the article(s) in your chosen topic: either Milestones or Entrustable Professional Activities; and also read Detsky's article "What Patients Really Want from Health Care"


  All teams

Be prepared in class to:

1. Discuss the concept of Milestones or EPAs. How do they fit with the 6 competencies?

2. Indicate the importance of the milestone/EPA and how it will effect training/resident education for you.

3. Discuss its effect (the milestones or EPAs) on a program like yours

4. Prepare several examples of the concept of milestones and EPAs in your practice/training program.


Note: Whether or not the topic under discussion is your chosen topic, we encourage you to enter the discussion. You will always have an opinion or experience.


Readings; Milestones

Milestones1.pdf - Hicks, PJ, Englander R, Schumacher DJ. (2010)

Milestones2.pdf -  Carraccio C, Burke AE (2010)


Readings; Entrustable Professional Activities

EPA1.pdf - ten Cate O, Scheele F.(.2007)

EPA2.pdf -  Sterkenburg A,  Barach P, Kalkman C,  Gielen  M,   ten Cate O, 



1.Dolmans DHJM, Tigelaar D. (2012). Building bridges between theory and practice in medical education using a design- based research approach: AMEE Guide No. 60. Medical Teacher,  34; 1-10

2. Cutting MF, Saks NS. Twelve tips for utilizing principles of learning to support medical education. Medical Teacher, 34: 20-24

3. Hicks, PJ, Englander R, Schumacher DJ. (2010). Pediatrics Milestone project: next steps toward meaningful outcomes assessment. J.Grad Med Educ, 2(4): 577-584

4. Carraccio C, Burke AE (2010).  Beyond Competencies and milestones: adding meaning through context. J.Grad Med Educ, 2(4): 419-422. 

5. ten Cate O, Scheele F. Competency Based Postgraduate Training: Can we bridge the gap between theory and clinical practice? Acad. Med 2007, 82:542-547.

6. Sterkenburg A,  Barach P, Kalkman C,  Gielen  M,   ten Cate O, (2010).  When do supervising physicians decide to entrust

residents with unsupervised tasks?  Acad Med 85(9):1408-1417.



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