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Session 6 End of course activity

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End of Course Group Activity.doc 

Redesign the 512 course Results from all 3 teams:



Deb and Barb 

511 covered the competencies in depth with practice in writing competency programs and objectives so we added a broader competency base. 


512  New Proposed syllabus
Session 1     Competence and Proficiecy
Session 2     Professionalism
Session 3     Comparatives competencies
                        Medical Students
Session 4     International Competencies
                        European Communities
                        Asian Communities
Session 5    Non-Medical Competencies
                        Industry – Toyota
USC Week
  • Spend more time on evaluations of competencies; making check lists, questionnaires, questions and giving students ideas for self reflection. What are the important components of a self reflection? 
  • Keep the micro-skills, feedback and learners in difficulty.
  • Increase work on standardized patients by developing SPprotocols
Session 12     Learning Portfolios and Learning Plans for students and residents.
Final Project - Choose one of the comparative competencies and describe why you liked it and how you might incorporate it into our resident /student competencies.
  • New reading assignments for the Comparative Competencies. Assignments for Professionalism, Competence and Proficiency and Portfolios remain the same.
  • Group Assignments would include comparing and contrasting other competencies and choosing the best ones
Other ideas
  •  Adequate time was spent on understanding and teaching the competencies as well as teaching techniques in 511
  • Remove Group teaching and learning styles
  • Remove Portfolio
  • Add The Ten-Minute Trainer by Bowman to 511 course material
  • 511 should be a prerequisite to 512



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