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ACMD 512 -


Competencies in Academic Medicine and Health Part II


Your instructors:


Beverly P. Wood, M.D., Ph.D.


Home: 818-952-2876

Work:  909-558-4281

Cell: 818-209-7748



Win May, M.D., Ph.D.


Home: 626-447-4113

Work: 323-442-2381

Cell: 626-617-8073


Michelle M. Olson, M.D., M.A.C.M.


Work/Cell: 217-552-5025

Cell: 570-394-3588


Dale Vincent, M.D., M.P.H., M.A.C.M.


Home/mobile: 808-741-0793

Work: 808-443-6793



To connect to the discussion sessions of the class: 


http://elm.elluminate.com/HOSTEDUSC/URL to connect to the Tuesday Discussion classes: 

Find ACMD 512 in the list, click on it and allow automatic download. Follow the prompts. 


Initial class is Tues, Jan 14, 2013 at 5:00 PM.

Dates for classes: Jan 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11; March 11, 18 and the Face to Face class is Feb 24-26 (noon) 

Final classes online are to present, discuss the individual final projects. See sidebar for directions.

Dates for the final classes are April 8 and April 15 at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight time.



Sarah Badran  sbadran@chla.usc.edu

Shara Brody  sbrody@med.miami.edu

Jennifer Dhanireddy Maniscalco  jmaniscalco@chla.usc.edu

Melissa Durham mdurham@pharmacy.usc.edu

Jennifer Encinas  jencinas@usc.edu

Jason Hartig  jhartig@uab.edu

Albert Kim kima@wusm.wustl.edu

Adrian Lawrence  aclawrence1@gmail.com

Victoria Niklas niklas@usc.edu

Sujatha Ramachandran  sramacha@montefiore.org

David Saloum  DSaloum@maimonidesmed.org

Ann Schultz  aschultz@usc.edu

Lauren Scott   lscott1@health.usf.edu

Karen Souter  kjsouter@uw.edu

Julie Truong  truongjt@gmail.com

Mark Tschanz  mark_tschanz@hotmail.com

Deborah Villarreal   villarreald4@uthscsa.edu

Lisa Willett  lwillett@uab.edu




Course Summary

Teams for the course ACMD 512

Team A:  

Team B: 

Team C:  

Team D: 


Welcome to the ACMD 512 WIKI.


The focus of this course is on the clinical competencies, their teaching, outcomes, and relation to milestones (and EPAs),  related to interpersonal and communication skills, practice-based learning and improvement, systems based practice, medical knowledge and patient care. In relation to these competencies, the course will address the conceptual framework and teaching and assessment techniques that can be used. Development and use of learner portfolios to reflect skill levels and skill development is an important adjunct to training in the competencies. Onsite skills development sessions will address teaching skills,  feedback, microskills of teaching, quality improvement,  teaching and learning portfolios, learners in difficulty, and outcomes .


For our first session on Jan 14 


 Text for the course: Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Clinical Competence  by Eric S. Holmboe and Richard E. Hawkins.




The Syllabus is in MS Word format.  To download your syllabus Syllabus - ACMD 512- 2014 Tentative Schedule for F2F Tentative Schedule for F2F




The class:

ACMD-512   Competencies in Academic Medicine and Health II  

   Students enrolled                      Days Tuesday        From 17:00 (5:00 Pacific time)  To 20:00 (7 PM Pacific time).



How to proceed with using the wiki.

There is a Sidebar box and a Folders box  to the right on the front page (and on all other pages, also).  You will find it under the label: Navigator.

Each folder in the Navigator box corresponds to a class, they are numbered 1-7 and 9 Final project. Inside the folder are links to the readings, usually, and also the assignment as well as additional material. Most folders contain a blank page on which you can paste your discussion. Be sure to login and click on the EDIT tab at the upper left to write or post on the page. Also, be sure to Save, using the button at the bottom left.

The folders are coordinated to the syllabus (which is above).


Click on Session 1- Assessing Competence


This page will explain what will happen in our first discussion session.


Note: Each class module is in a folder (see Navigator to the right) labelled Class1 with the date, etc.
Our current class folders all start with the number 1, so that they will be in order and at the top. Throughout the course, we would like you to pay particular attention to the pages in the numbered folders. They correspond with each session and contain information, readings, etc.

Unfortunately, we could not change the numbers of some of the pages without altering the links, thus, the  session numbers are not always correct; however, the folders' class numbers, dates and titles should always be correct.

Most of our work will be in teams (see above for your team assignment). You are to meet and communicate in order to submit a collaborative (and hopefully a communal) response.


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