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Final Project

Page history last edited by Bev Wood 9 years, 6 months ago

Final project instructions:


For the final project, we are asking you to each work independently to design a class on one single competency. The class is to include the elements listed below. We would like you to read all of the class submissions, and choose one submission for your comments and critique. Pay particular attention to the dates listed.

The "class" is any format from a discussion group, rounds, grand rounds, single conference, ongoing part of a curriculum. Please start by tell us what the "class" is.


Develop a class for your learners in which one of the competencies is taught and assessed. Include Goals, Learning Objectives, Content to be included, Teaching and learning strategies, and Evaluation of learners and of the course. How will you evaluate outcomes of the session both for the learners and for the teaching?


Post your class plan on the Wiki by March 21.    (Thanks for doing that.)


However, when you have posted yours, it is not over, please read those of the others.

Please read everyone's final project, and choose one to critique and add your comments and critique by April 1.


Now there is a folder. I have named it 9 Final projects 2011.

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